Asian Agri-History Foundation

Asian Agri-History Foundation (Volume 6)

No. 1, January-March 2002
Plants and Soils: Liebig's Legacy and Beyond - M G Jackson
Rain Forecasting in Indian Almanacs (Panchangs): A Case for Making Krishi-Panchang - S K Mishra, V K Dubey, and R C Pandey
Greener Revolution without Chemical Fertilizers: Mexico's Gliricidia - India's "Kalpavriksha" - A B Joshi
Chickpea through Millennia: Archaeo-botanical Records - K L Mehra
Educational and Occupational Life of Women in Ancient India - Neeta Khandelwal, Asha Singhal, and Pushpa Gupta
Cattle Management in Kautilya's Artha-sastra - M K Tiwari and V K Dubey
Closure of Hop Culture in Kashmir During Mid-20th Century -B L Puttoo
Religion and Biodiversity - M G Jackson
Progress Report 2001: Asian Agri-History Foundation - Y L Nene
No. 2, April-June 2002
The Origin and History of the Philippine Rice Terraces - H Otley Beyer
Shifting Cultivation in India: An Overview - K K Satapathy and B K Sarma
Krishi-Parashara Panchanga: An Almanac for the Indian Farmer - Valmiki Srinivasa Ayangarya
A Study of Kalidasa's Description of Himalayan Flora - Renu Pant
A Historical Perspective of Agricultural Interaction in Uttarakhand -R C Pant
A Modified Ancient Prescription for Crop Yield Improvement and Cotton Pest Control - P W Amin
Traditional Medicinal Plants of Uttaranchal Himalayas - Atul Kumar, P S Bisht, and Vandana Kumar
The Challenge to Public Plant Breeders - M G Jackson
Krishi-Panchanga: The Farmer's Almanac - W B Rahudkar
The Myth of the Aryan Invasion of India - David Frawley
National Conference on Agricultural Heritage of India - Y L Nene
No. 3, July-September 2002
Plants and Human History - P Maheshwari
Modern Agronomic Concepts and Practices Evident in Kautilya's Artha-sastra (c. 300 BC) - Y L Nene
Soil Salinity and Reclamation Efforts in Pre-independent India - P U Shahare, B A Chougule, and S S Ubale
Utilization of Location-specific Indigenous Paddy Varieties for Sustainable Production: A Tribal Wisdom - Ranjay K Singh and B S Dwivedi
Marginal Farming in Mountain Areas - Vir Singh and Pradeep M Tulachan
Kashyapiyakrishisukti: Comments on Soil-Water Management, Cropping Systems, Food Security, and Other Aspects - J S Kanwar
No. 4, October-December 2002
The Common Agricultural Heritage of India and Southeast Asia: A Different Environmental Reality - L Falvey
The Role of Venkateshwara Hatcheries Group and Dr B V Rao in the Development of Indian Poultry Industry - R C Chadha
Ethnoveterinary Practices: An Appraisal of Tribal Wisdom - B S Dwivedi and Ranjay K Singh
The Hindustani Center of Origin of Important Plants - A B Damania
Baobab: An Exotic Tree with a Promise ? - A S Reddy, K B Anjaria, and V R Rao
References to Agriculture by Sant Tukaram - S T Patil
Book Review: Science and Technology in Ancient India -Y L Nene
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