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Asian Agri-History Foundation (Volume 3)

No. 1, January-March 1999
Origin and Genetic Improvement of Indian Cauliflower - Vishnu Swarup and S S Chatterjee
Agricultural and Related Education in Australia - B Matthews and L Falvey
Evidence for the Origin of Chinese Soft Apple - Zhou Zhiqin and Li Yunong
A Meteorological Glance at Surapala's Vrikshayurveda - H V Balkundi
Some Clarifications on Meteorological Aspects of Surapala's Vrikshayurveda - Nalini Sadhale
Kautilya's Artha-sastra: The Superintendent of Agriculture - R Shamasastry
Progress Report 1998: Asian Agri-History Foundation - Y L Nene
No. 2, April-June 1999
Review of Work on Fungicides in India up to 1940 - P R Bhagwagar and M K Patel
Those Charmed Years - A B Joshi
Decline in Sweet Potato Cultivation in India with Special Reference to the State of Bihar - V S Khatana, Sushma Arya, and S G Ilangantileke
Tendu Leaf and Bidis - Nilima Pimpalapure
Useful Plants of India: Bamboo - Colonel Heber Drury
Useful Edible Oilseeds of India: Groundnut, Safflower, and Sesame - Colonel Heber Drury
Kautilya's Artha-sastra: Remedies Against National Calamities - R Shamasastry
Surapala's Vrikshayurveda: A Review
No. 3, July-September 1999
Cattle and Cattle-rearing in Ancient India - R Ganguli
Seed Health in Ancient and Medieval History and its Relevance to Present-day Agriculture - Y L Nene
Traditional Water and Land Management System of the Apatani Tribe - A K Mishra and U C Sharma
What Does Revenue Land Classification Mean? - P M Tamboli and Y P Bali
Agriculture in Traditional Wisdom of Assam - K K Sharma and Robin Gogoi
Past and Present Experiences of an Elderly Farmer in Andhra Pradesh - M Padmaiah
Useful Plants of India: Lotus - Colonel Heber Drury
Kautilya's Artha-sastra: Rural Development and Taxes - R Shamasastry
No. 4, October-December 1999
History of Henna (2000 BC to 1850 AD) - P K Gode
Mithun: Historical Perspective - S K Mondal and D T Pal
Recommendations Related to Arbori-horticulture in 19th Century Rajasthan:Extension of Vrikshayugnyana in Agnipurana - B M Javalia
What Happened to Pusa Long-term Manurial Trials? - M G Jackson
Manures - G Watt
Useful Plants of India - Fruits: Plantain, Pineapple, and Papaya - Colonel Heber Drury
Kautilyas's Artha-sastra: The Superintendent of Cows - R Shamasastry
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