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Asian Agri-History

Asian Agri-History Foundation (Vol 23 Number 3)

No. 3, July-September 2019
The Language of Soil in Ancient Scriptures and Saying of India— JC Katyal, Parbhakar Tamboli, and Rattan Lal
Early History of Crop Presence/Introduction into India: V. American Leguminous Crop spp. — Anurudh K Singh
An Impression of Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) for Rice Used by Tai
Khamyang Community of Assam, India — Peter Shyam, Rinumoni Burgohain,
Nivedita Deka, and JP Hazarika
Use of Ethnomedicinal Plants in Traditional Medicine in Upper Assam, India — D Majumder, M Neog, and Sanchayeeta Gohain
Heritage Reverence of Cattle during the Sangam Age — D Udhaya Nandhini,
M Rayasekar, and S Suganthi
Authenticating Identity, Date and Place of Parashara of Krishi Parashara— Avinash Khaire
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