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Asian Agri-History

Asian Agri-History Foundation (Vol 23 Number 1)

No. 1, January-March 2019
Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) on Storage Pest Management and Ritual-based Farming Practices in Assam — Surajit Kalita and Lakshmi Kanta Hazarika
‘Agriculture-Related Sciences in Agamashastra texts — Part 1: Vaishnava Agamas — KG Sheshadri
Early History of Crop Presence/Introductions into India: IV. Ananas comosus (L.) Merr. and Annona L. spp. — Anurudh K Singh
Subak Pulagan, a Traditional Balinese Irrigation System, and its Relation to Tri Hita Karana — Nyoman Norken, I Ketut Suputra, J Gusti Ngurah Kerta Arsana, and Ida Bagus Ngurah Purbawiyaya
Innovative Traditional Pest Management Practices in Horticultural Crops —Sanchayeeta Gohain, M Neog, and HC Bhattacharyya
ASIAN Agri-History

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