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Asian Agri-History Foundation (Volume 20)

No. 1, January-March 2016
Sesamum indicum (Sesame or Til): Seeds and Oil – A Historical and Scientific Evaluation from Indian Perspective - N C Shah
Archaeological Evidence of the Domestication of Pigs in the Southern Part of the Russian Far East Nadezhda Momot, Alexander Kim, Nadezhda Artemyeva, Lev Lapshin, Kolina Yuliia, and Igor Kamliia
Heritage Rich Agricultural Technologies of the Sangam Period - D Udhaya Nandhini, L Vimalendran, S Sangamithra, V Kalaiyarasan, and S Suganthi
Indigenous Postpartum Practices Followed by Rural Women of Kumaon Region, Uttarakhand - Tara Negi and Dhriti Solanki
The Portuguese and the Introduction of American Fruit Plants into India - Sandip Kumar
Book Review : The Life and Work of the Maharaja of Wheat - A B Damania
Asian Agri-History Foundation : Progress Report 2015
Author's Guide for Submission of Manuscripts
No. 2, April-June 2016
Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Crop Varieties in Conservation Agriculture and Biodiversity - Baisakhi Bandyopadhyay
Indigenous Seed Treatment Methods to Enhance Germination and for Control of Pests and Diseases — R Gowthami, K V Raghavendra, M Dhananivetha, and R Shashank
Surgeon John Shortt on Native Cattle Breeds of Southern India in 1889- Ramya Raman, Chitra Narayanasamy, and Anantanarayanan Raman
Documentation of Indigenous Technical Knowledge Among Tribal Dairy Farmers in Idukki District, Kerala — Bimal P Bashir, N Narmatha, K M Sakthivel, V Uma, D Thirunavakararu, and M Jothilakshmi
Traditional Wisdom of Fishing Techniques and Rituals of Kuruman Tribe of Wayanad, Western Ghats - K K Prajith, M P Remesan, and Leela Edwin
Food Security for Marginalized Rohingyas in Myanmar - H M Moore
A Peep into the Historical Facts on Agricultural Education and Research in Jammu and Kashmir - B L Puttoo
No. 3, July–September 2016
Panchtatva, Agriculture, and Sustainability of Life on Earth - Rajendra Prasad
Ancient Practices for Water and Forest Conservation followed by Women in Lesser Himalayan Region of Nainital, Uttarakhand, India - Karuna Joshi and Neelam Bhardwaj
Use of Botanicals by Farmers for Integrated Pest Management of Crops in Karnataka — K V Raghavendra, R Gowthami, N M Lepakshi, M Dhananivetha, and R Shashank
Classification of Flowers as Gleaned from Ancient Indian Literature and Culture - K G Sheshadri
Historical Journey with Amaranth - J S Aswal, B S Bisht, Rajendra Dobhal, and D P Uniyal
The Ancient "Khapli" Wheat: Is it Under-utilized ? - A B Damania
Effect of Cow Urine on Mycelial Growth of Fusarium moniliforme var. subglutinans causing Pokkah Boeng Disease of Sugarcane - Anshul Arya and Geeta Sharma
History of Improving Household Accounting in a Thai Village - Wasan Kanchanamukda
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