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Asian Agri-History Foundation (Volume 2)

No. 1, March 1998
Peasants' Condition in the Seventeenth Century India - G B Mehendale
Advent of Rice and the Ancient Hydraulic Civilization of Sri Lanka - A Denis N Fernando
Jahangir: A Naturalist - I. Environment and General Observations - Y L Nene
Measurement of Rainfall in Ancient India - H V Balkundi
Harvester Combine in Indian Agriculture: A Review - P U Shahare, D K Kathmale, and L L Mane
Agricultural Maxims of the Poet Tiruvalluvar - V V S Aiyar
Soybean - G Watt
Useful Plants of India - II: Maize and Coconut - Colonel Heber Drury
Progress Report 1997: Asian Agri-History Foundation - Y L Nene
No. 2, June 1998
Tobacco in Seventeenth-century India - B G Gokhale
Jahangir: A Naturalist - II. Description of Fauna - Y L Nene
Agricultural Methods and Environment in Mughal India: A Study of Manuring System - Sanjay Subodh
Socio-cultural Aspects of Indigenous Land Tenure and Management Systems of the Tribes of Northeastern States of India - U C Sharma
Yak and its Domestication - D N Das, B C Das, M Sarkar, T K Mohanty, D B Mondal, B P Singh, R N Pal, and S Ray
Bees and Beekeeping in Ancient India - K K Kshirsagar
The Indian Cotton Textile Industry: A Note - Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose
Useful Plants of India: Tea, Neem, and Turmeric - Colonel Heber Drury
No. 3, September 1998
Basmati Rice: A Distinct Variety (Cultivar) of the Indian Subcontinent - Y L Nene
Development of Dairy Industry in India - V Kurien
History of Potato Storage in India with Special Reference to Farmers' Practices - V S Khatana, S G Ilangantileke, M D Upadhya, and G J Scott
Genesis of Seed Quality and Quality Control Systems: An Evolutionary Perspective - Rakesh Seth and L P Misra
Jahangir: A Naturalist - III. Description of Flora - Y L Nene
No. 4, December 1998
Mother India: Peasants' Condition - Katherine Mayo
Father India: A Reply to Mother India - C S Ranga Iyer
Etawah Pilot Project: Past, Present, and Future - Reorientation, Distortion, and Dilution of Community Development - D P Singh
Famines and Droughts in the Indian Subcontinent During the 5th Century BC to 18th Century AD - H V Balkundi
Some Traditional Crop Protection Practices of Farmers in Andhra Pradesh - M V Reddy
Uses of Adhatoda vasica - G Watt
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