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Asian Agri-History Foundation (Volume 17)

No. 1, January-March 2013
Probable Agricultural Biodiversity Heritage Sites in India : XV. The Bastar Region - Anurudh K Singh
Traditional Utilization of Paddy Straw, Husk, and Bran - S C Ahuja and Uma Ahuja
Indigenous Technical Knowledge Practices Under Rainfed Agriculture in Assam - Dipali Majumder, Zeenat rahman, and Saurabh Sarma
Need for Reform in Governance of India - RS Shiwalkar
Water Chestnut - A Yesteryear Bounty from Wular Lake in Kashmir - B L Puttoo
Farmer’s Awareness and Participation in Integrated Pest Management in Udham Singh Nagar - Anjali Gupta and Bhawana Goel
Evaluation of Saumic Suvrushti Project in Madhya Pradesh - Nanaji Kale and VB Vaidya
First Words on Gramophone - MC Saxena
No. 2, April-June 2013
Probable Agricultural Biodiversity Heritage Sites in India : XVI. The Koraput Region - Anurudh K Singh
Sustaining Rice Landraces In-situ and Farm through Biocultural Diversity in Koraput, Odisha, India - Smita Mishra, Susanta Sekhar Chaudhury, and VA Nambi
Morinda citrifolia (Noni) : A Fruit of Future for its Nutritional, Phytochemical, and Biological Properties - Dr. Singh and Shrawan Singh
Production and Management of Village Chicken in Rural Sikkim - PK Pathak, BG Nath, AK Mohanty, AK Tripathi, and SV Ngachan
The Ethnic Arabs of Pulicat - PS Swathi Lekshmi and P Thirumilu
Dakargalam - An Ancient Water Exploration Technique Based on Varahamihira's Brihat-Samhita - Rajani R Joshi, UD Kulkarni, AV Vartak, and IA Khan
Musing on Agri-history - Lindsay Falvey
Book Review : Safflower in California - DS Murty
No. 3, October-December 2013
Probable Agricultural Biodiversity Heritage Sites in India : XVII. The South-Central Region of Eastern Ghats - Anurudh K Singh
Are the Indian Rice Landraces a Heritage of Biodiversity to Reminisce their Past or to Reinvent for Future? - A Sathya
Traditional Seed Treatment and storage Methods of Northeastern Region of Karnataka - Rakesh C Mathad, SN Vasudevan, Naveen C Mathad, and SB Patil
Management Practices and Performance of Dairy Cows in Tribal Areas of Sikkim - BG Nath, PK Pathak, AK Mohanty, and AK Tripathi
Modernizing Higher Agricultural Education System in India to Meet the Challenges of 21st Century - P M Tamboli and Y L Nene
Historical Background of Cattle Crossbreeding Program in India – A review - Umesh Singh, Rajib Deb, Sushil Kumar, Arun Tomar, and Arjava Sharma
Traditional Grain Storage and Measurement Devices in Uttarakhand - P C Tripathi
Cultural Significance of Brassica nigra in Central Himalayan Region - KS Negi, S S Koranga, S N Ojha, A Rayal, and PS Mehta
Value Addition in Murta (Clinogyne dichotoma) Plants : A Promising Cottage Industry for Barak Valley Zone of Assam - R Helim, K D Singha, S Bhattacharryya, and D Bharali
Dr Ramchandra Jaikrishna Kalamkar - A Leader of Indian Agriculture - A V Moharir
No. 4, October-December 2013
The Coco-de-mer or the Double Coconut (Lodoicea maldivica): Myths and Facts - A B Damania
Medicinal Plants Used by Traditional Healthcare Practitioners of Dominant Tribes of Koraput in Odisha - Smita Mishra, Saujanendra Swain, Susanta Sekhar Chaudhury, and Ajay Kumar
Grasses and their Varieties in Indian Literature - K G Sheshadri
Natural Resource Management by the Galo Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh - Sudipta Sankar Bora, Jyoti Prasad Lahan, and Madhumita Barooah
Factors Infl uencing Knowledge and Information Sharing Behavior of Farmers - B L Dhaka, K Chayal, M K Poonia and S V S Tyag
Probable Agricultural Biodiversity Heritage Sites in India: XVIII. The Cauvery Region - Anurudh K Singh
Facts About Bali – A Must Know for Every Hindu - Swami Veda Bharati
Practicing Sustainable Agriculture: Lessons to Learn From Ancient Texts - Y L Nene
Nakshatra-wise Rainfall Variability at Anand in Middle Gujarat Region - S S Chinchorkar, V B Vaidya, Vyas Pandey, and KS Damle
Managing Rice Stem Borer in Barak Valley Zone of Assam – the Traditional Way - Britan Rahman, K D Singha, R Helim, and H D Deva Nath
Revisiting the History of the Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow - AK Shrivastava, GK Gupta, and S Solomon
Book Review: Our Daily Bread – A History of Cereals - A B Damania
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